7 Jun

When I was married to my first husband, I thought life was going to be great, we had our boy and we had our girl we were going to Church. The perfect family. God had different plans for us. Even though I know it wasn’t Gods’ will for me and my ex-husband to divorce, but it was our faith in God that was missing. Life since then has been one big roller coaster. Now that I’ve serving God and his people, I understand it better.

The trials I’ve been through have just been stepping stones to where I am now. Now I know that nothing matters but his love and grace, and his will upon my life. So bring it on life, with God on my side, who can be against me?



7 Jun

Sometimes in life things don’t seem fair, right, normal, or even correct. But our faith should be spot on. I’ve realized lately I’ve just been giving all my situations to God. I just don’t want to be bothered with anything, especially things I have no control over.  Right now my Dad is weak, but his heart is strong.

One thing my Dad doesn’t do is pray, I’m not sure if he has repented to God or not. My family and I have tried to get him to pray the sinners prayer, but we also know it has to come from him and his heart. My faith  lies in knowing that he will soon, real soon. I will continue to pray about it. Don’t worry about anything, but pray for everything.


My Blog Response.

2 Jun

A Letter To My 16-Year-Old Son

I loved this blog because it gave me a since of what a mother I really was and still am. I was able to talk to my three children about everything that was in her letter to her son. And they really took it in everything I said. Wow! What better gift could I receive from them.
Being a mother is the hardest thing, job, career, and obstacle one can ever encounter. A mother will always feel like she herself has failed if she does’t talk or write her child the words that were expressed in the blog. Good Job on the blog Katrina.

Me and My Thoughts

31 May

I’m really confused right now. I know I’m leaving in September (fingers crossed), but still have so much going on right now. I feel like so many people need me right now, from home to work. I hate to leave them dry, but should I be feeling this? My husband doesn’t say much, he is very quite right now, so that really doesn’t help me right now. When I bring it up he says “what ever you want honey.” What does that mean?

I told my husband that I’m going to just chill about it for now and continue to do my work the best I can. I hate to say this but I feel like I need a sign, I know, I said it first. That just shows how confused I am. Silly me. I find myself in front of my daily exercise group telling them about my dad and crying, they probably think I’m crazy. Oh well, maybe I am.

My Faith Today

31 May

God is so good. He has shown me that anything is possible with him. My husband and I are really excited about moving to S.Lake Tahoe. We know it’s going to be tough in the beginning  but we’re letting God guide us. Being closer to my daughter is something I need right now, also my husband and I haven’t had a break since we moved in with my parents. So it’s been really tough on the marriage.

I only have one problem and that is that my father is sick again. He just got out of the hospital and he is very fragile. My faith is strong in God, I’m just waiting on him to see what he has to say about what’s going on right now. I felt the other day, that God was going to take him from us (my dad), but my faith kicked in, and I was as cool as a cucumber, I felt God will upon my life and my dad’s. I feel so bad for my mother, she knows I want to leave but knows she needs me dearly, she just hasn’t said much.

This is the second time I’m even thinking about school, only because of my dad. I know I need to get so much done but it’s hard when you have so much on your mind. Oh God! Please help me to make the right decision. My faith is strong in you God and I know at the end of it all, it was all you (God).

17 May

I love this blog. It takes me way back when I used to adore Rod Stewart. I’ve been to twelve of his concerts. I don’t listen much lately since I have become a full-time christian. God doesn’t take me away from things I love, he just reminds me why he is number ONE.

I chose this blog to say “good bye ROD” may the good Lord be with you. You rocked my young years, now God rocks the rest of my life.



17 May

Today I went to work. It was hat day, we all enjoyed wearing old hats. Most of the residents are not well. some have come down with the flu and others have caught a bug. So basically it was a slow day for activities. I sat at my desk getting some paper work done when a resident walked in, his name is Glenn, He wanted me to read something he had wrote, he has cater-racks, only see’s shadows. I read these poems he wrote, they were so beautiful, I sat in awe as I watched him as I read the poem to him. He loves to write. He talked about his five children and how he raised them alone after his ex-wife left me in 1973. I felt so much compassion for Glenn. The fact that he has only been here for a week, and knows  this is where he belongs (Senior Living). He seems to be going with the flow. I really had a wonderful conversation with Glenn.

God seems to bring me these people daily, to ensure me that he loves me and wants me to share his love. There are some residents that don’t want to be there, I really need to reach those residents and ease their hearts. I know that God will guide me daily. I just need to remind myself, it is he who gives me the strength and not myself.